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Private Purchase & Sale

It is recommended you have a Notary Public prepare a Contract of Purchase and Sale for anyone undertaking to sell or purchase a home privately.

The cost to draw a contract between buyer and seller properly and legally is very modest and vital to your protection. If you choose not to seek the services of a Notary Public to draw a contract on your behalf then, at the very least, be sure to have your Notary Public review the contract PRIOR to the parties signing any purchase/sale agreements.

A review of the contract by your legal representatives after you have signed it is generally TOO LATE and/or TOO COSTLY to make changes after-the-fact should the need arise.

Call us at 604-534-0144! We are happy to assist and guide you throughout the process of safely buying and selling real estate privately.

See our Resources page for more information on Property Transfer Tax (PTT), Joint Tenant and Tenants-In-Common Ownership, the Strata Property Act and non-resident clearance certificates.

Important Dates:

Completion Date: the date the transfer of title will take affect at the Land Title Office and when monies are made available to the Seller’s legal representative.

Adjustment Date: the date the adjustments (property taxes, water/sewer, suite rentals etc.) in which the pro-rata sharing of expenses will be balanced to.

Possession Date: the date you actually get possession of your new home.

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