Judth A.Piccolo Notary Corporation

Judith A. Piccolo Notary Corporation

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We have earned the respect and right to prepare mortgages on behalf of most residential lenders in Canada and accordingly remain on their “approved” list to draw mortgages on their behalf.

The cost of refinancing varies from situation to situation depending on the nature of work, the
lender you have chosen and, the depth and breadth of the work you need to have done. Contact us
for a quote for your specific needs.

Some of the ways costs are affected;

  • The number of mortgages on title that need to be discharged and the number of new mortgages that need to be registered against the property affects the amount of work and Land Title Office fees.
  • The number of creditors (bank loans, credit cards etc.) that may need to be paid out by the Notary Public from the refinance proceeds as part of the mortgage approval conditions affects the cost.
  • Strata properties require forms to be ordered from the strata management company and affect the cost. The forms generally take one week to receive and cost of the forms depends between each management company.
  • Ownership changes or ownership changes due to matrimonial divorce or separation requiring the division of assets generally requires us to liaise with each matrimonial lawyer thereby increasing the time and cost needed to undertake these changes.

Contact us for a quote to determine the legal fees specific to your refinancing needs.

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