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The following information may be helpful to have readily available if you are selling a residential property;

  • Retain a copy of the Contract of Purchase and Sale and all subsequent documentation such as
    any Addendums to the contract.
  • Make a list of all of your real estate professional’s contact names and phone numbers (realtor, banker, legal team, movers etc.)
  • Tenant information (date of occupancy, amount of damage deposit and date paid to landlord, full names of tenants)
  • Forwarding address
  • Surveyor’s Certificate

Important Dates:

Completion Date: the date the transfer of title will take affect at the Land Title Office and when monies are made available to the Seller’s legal representative.

Adjustment Date: the date the adjustments (property taxes, water/sewer, suite rentals etc.) in which the pro-rata sharing of expenses will be balanced to.

Possession Date: the date you actually get possession of your new home.

Closing Steps for a typical house sale;

  1. The buyer will make the offer to purchase the property outlining the purchase price, closing dates and subjects of the offer and subject removal date.
  1. The buyer will attend to meeting the subjects (e.g. subject to financing, subject to home inspection etc.) by the agreed upon subject removal date.
  1. Contact us once all subject removal/s have been attended to and forward a copy of the Contract (including all addendums and the subject removal document/s) to us for review and file opening.
  1. In the case of private purchases (not represented by a Realtor), it is best to have your Notary Public review the Contract of Purchase and Sale and any addendums PRIOR to accepting the buyers offer. The cost to draw a contract between buyer and seller is modest and vital and it is generally the responsibility of the Buyer to have the contract drawn. Be sure to have your Notary Public review the contract PRIOR to signing it. A review of the contract after you have signed it is generally TOO LATE to fix and/or too costly to make changes after-the-fact.
  1. Your Notary Public will attend to ordering any mortgage payout statements necessary, paying out of those mortgages and clearing of these financial charges registered against the title at the Land Title office.
  1. Make a “to do” list and the date you need the task to be completed to assist you in a less stressful moving process.
  2. We will meet with you approximately one week prior to the completion date to attend to signing any remaining documentation. You typically receive your sale proceeds the next business day after the completion date.

Click here to download a Microsoft moving checklist.

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